Long Time No Post

I am sorry. I know- I keep apologizing for not blogging- as if you have been coming here day after day week after week to see if I am here.. and going away sobbing because I have not been. But… I am hoping that this will change. One of my goals is this year is to blog more. (Heard that one before, eh?)

But seriously… Sometimes I am walking to the bus and I am thinking.. I should blog this story… I should say this… but I just have not gotten to the place where I actually get on the computer to SAY it.

This having a husband and a life… it takes a lot of time! LOL When I was single- blogging was way easier… no one needed my attention- I didn’t have anyone I wanted to give my attention to! LOL

Now I have My Guy, I have wonderful step-kids, I have an awesome church family and small group that I do things with- I have friends here and I am trying to keep up with doing my art regularly- blogging… well it is fun and it is an outlet… and like my exercise routine- I just need to find a way to fit it in.

My One Little Word for the year is ENOUGH. (I WILL blog about that later too! LOL) But in thinking about Enough- I have to find a balance. How much is enough? How much is NOT enough. Is blogging even a priority- and I do feel like it is something I still want to keep up on.. so I WILL find the balance this year and it will be enough!

So- if you subscribe to this blog and all of a sudden see this post in your feed… SURPRISE! If you are one who just occasionally checks back for a new post- SURPRISE!

Either way- thanks for sticking with me and let’s see where this new year takes us!



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2 Responses to Long Time No Post

  1. I do check this blog at least 3 times a week!!