The KID Gets It!

So I have the most awesome nephew.. AKA “The Nefer.” When I lived home in NY- I was with him all the time- he is my buddy and always will be. At 15- he is pretty dang cool! (If I was home- I feel like he would be “too cool” for his Auntie LaLa but hey- I am far away now- so I can retain some of my latent coolness!) One of my ALL TIME Favorite photos of me and Cai! (Last year!)

All this bragging about my favorite nephew to tell you about this next picture! Last week my sister emailed me a picture he drew for me… and when I printed it out so I could see it better- I just laughed and laughed! Then I thanked the Lord that the “Message” is getting through! Check this out!

By my Nefer!

I don’t even see him nearly as often as I would like to, yet he KNOWS what is important to me, he KNOWS that junk food, fast food and processed food is bad for him and me, and you too! I love this kid!!

OK- he is one of the cool kids!

So.. I say this… LIVE your passion. BE REAL! BE who you truly are… and even your 15 year old nephew will get it!!!

Thanks Sweetie for my awesome picture! I am going to frame it for my office! Just like I used to put your projects on my desk at work when you were 4! (Here is where we all say… Awwwww)


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3 Responses to The KID Gets It!

  1. Auntie says:

    Yay for M !!!

  2. Love it! Very cool kid and art work!

  3. Jana Hill says:

    Awwww! That is awesome. You two look so much alike!