Meal Plan Monday

OK Ladies and Gentlemen… here is another week of healthy- quick and easy meals for you to select from. Just trying to help make your healthy lifestyle easier!!

All the recipes here tonight from I use to track my food and calories- protein etc. It is easy to use- and it helps me to stay accountable to myself when I track my foods! I do soo much better when I do it! I love Spark Recipes because there are user ratings/feedback and people always give great suggestions about ways they cooked the recipe- and you always get great ideas!

As always- if you try any of the recipes- let us know! We’d love to hear how it turns out!

  1. Lime Shrimp- put it over some rice- or one of the suggestions in the recipe feedback says they made it into a soft taco.
  2. Chicken with Mustard/Yogurt sauce- serve over brown rice.
  3. Quinoa & Spinach- serve with baked or grilled chicken or fish!
  4. Portobello Steaks- (What to serve things with is always hard for me- I would just eat these alone- maybe a spinach salad or some wheat pasta?)
  5. Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken- Serve with Sweet potatoes and asparagus 

Now for the fun! Dessert!
Mousse a la Banana

Eat well! And healthy!!

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3 Responses to Meal Plan Monday

  1. Susan says:

    'glad you like Sparkpeople. I was signed up with them and they emailed me about 15 times a day. When I tried to unsubscribe, they still emailed me several times a day. I finally had to block them from my mail list. They also sent me all kinds of spammy things. This was a couple of years ago so maybe they have cleaned up their act.

  2. Nicole says:

    I've been meaning to share this with you:
    Chalene is the creator of TurboJam which is what got me moving last year. I've since moved on to her circuit training progam, but love bits of wisdom and even recipes she leaves on her blog.

  3. La- says:

    Thanks Nicole! I will check it out! :) I always love to check out new blogs!!