What a day!

I picked up my new car today!! YAY!! Isn’t it cute? I LOVED my old Saturn Vue (2003) But since I totaled that in Feb. 2007…. I always said when I was driving it that I would get another one in a heart beat! So when it was finally time to say good-bye to the Volvo (Poor thing needed new power steering pump- and new struts- about $3,000 in repairs!) I decided the Vue needed another view! :) Plus let’s face it, as practical as a Volvo Station wagon is… a BROWN VOLVO STATION WAGON does not exactly scream sexy cute single girl in the city! LOL I even had my friend Richard go test drive it with me so he could help me decide if the Vue had enough “cute factor” for me to buy it! LOL (Of course 0% financing doesn’t hurt either!)

The VUE it got is the XE, V6, AWD- with all the convenience packages- leather, fog lamps and roof rails. It is dark blue with grey leather inside. I LOVE IT! (I drove one a few weeks ago from NY to Cape Cod- so I had a chance to do an extended test drive.) It also comes with XM radio for 3 months- just enough to get you hooked- I was already blasting the 80′s channel! LOL And it also comes with On-Star for one year. THAT will be cool. I need to go into the program tomorrow and activate it. My car will email me once a month to give me an update on it’s condition!! How cool is THAT??

My sales guy Dermott was awesome- and he totally made my day as we shook hands. He said “Honestly- having you as a customer was a breath of fresh air and fun- but you also inspired me.” I was like huh? Then he said “look!” and showed me that in his little firdge was a salad, cheese sticks and water- he said “after talking to you and you telling me about the weight loss- you inspired me to get my act together and really try to get fit again. THANK YOU!” I mean.. WHOA how totally cool was that??

So now as soon as my plates come in (In MN you cannot keep the same plates- you get new ones- and whoever buys your car- gets the remaining time on the tags! HRMPH!) I will go to Saturn store and they will put them on- and everything will be all set! :)

Tonight once I got home- I went over to the Indian place and met Lindsay. I haven’t seen Sampson or had any indian food since my surgery- so I tried some tonight- did ok! And hung out with them- that was a nice evening. Then Lindsay and I went to the TWINS GAME! How fun! The Twins Vs. Astros. Twins won- it was neat- and now I can say I have been to a Twins Game- just need to get to a Viking’s game now!
Overall? Great day! PLUS today was a very skinny looking day- jeans and size 1X top!! YAY!!

(OH- Last night this guy from work, as I was walking out of the building past him says to me- “You need to eat something girl!” LOL He said I was getting too skinny already- and wanted me to fatten back up some! HA! LOL But it was a comment that totally made my day!)

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5 Responses to What a day!

  1. auntie says:

    Very nice car….I like it. How is Samson? I cannot beleive that was the first time you have been there since April!! Makes me want to come out to visit again….but pretty much all my weekends are booked through September……and I am not coming out during the winter!! Maybe next year if I can go without camping…..

  2. Dorothy says:

    That car definitely has cute factor!! I love it!!

    And how awesome that you inspired the salesman! You are such a breath of fresh air for everyone you meet!!

  3. Heredia Family/Yvie says:

    I love it!!

    I loved my VUE, I sold it to my neighbor. I love that they still take your picture when you buy the car. Awesome that you inspired the salesman.

    You are doing an awesome job!

  4. Jhey Fem says:

    Sweet ride! – New thin you, new cute ride… so much new coolness!

  5. Stephanie Evans says:

    Super cute car! And WTG with the 1X top! I still have trouble wrapping my head around taking a 1X off of the rack and looking at it and thinking that will fit me?? Cool, huh?!