Kale & Sausage Stew

Well- I still cook all the time and make yummy healthy food- so I figure since I don’t get around to blogging that much- the least I can try to post some of my recipes as I make them.

Kale & Sausage Stew

Kale & Sausage Stew

Today’s soup/stew is so yummy! I couldn’t help but keep taking spoonfuls of it as it was cooling. (I made it ahead and we will officially eat it tonight for dinner.)

Thanks to my friend Nicole for offering to bring me some that she had made when I was sick this week- and inspiring me to ask her for the recipe so I could use up the Kale I had in my own fridge instead!


Of course- you know I always do something a “leetle bit” different. Below are the things I did differently. ENJOY!

  • I used ground italian turkey sausage
  • No chile pepper
  • Put Rosemary in as full sprigs and pulled them out after everything was cooked
  • I was out of cumin so I used a spice called “Galena Street” by Penzeys
  • I used 1 2/3 bundles kale- one Tuscan and one Dinosaur and I pre- wilted them with some water in a separate pan before adding to the stew
  • I used white cooking wine
  • Homemade stock
  • Replaced 1 cup of water with a can of diced tomatoes with Italian herbs
  • 1 cup dry red lentils/ I cooked them separate in my pressure cooker like usual and added last and simmered for 5-10 minutes more
  • Added a package of broccoli since we had some we needed to use up- added it when I added the other veggies (onions etc)


Hope you enjoy!! Let us know if you make it!! :)


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Tin Foil Tidbits

OK- Why is it that no one has ever told me about the miracle of Tin Foil (aluminum foil to some).. I mean seriously!

In one of my first apartments my Auntie showed up with a foil “pan” for the bottom of the oven to help keep it clean… so ever since then I lay a large piece of tim foil in the bottom of our oven.. when something leaks out of a pan- it is so easy to just pick up the foil, add a new piece, and move on!

It is only recently that I realized I could put foil in any pan that I cook in. It seems I have always used the awesome Pampered Chef bar pans… they are supposed to be cooked in directly and get the grease and oil all built up in them.. but since I had TWO (that’s right TWO) of them CRACK in half on me in a year- I have decided to seek other options. Until I find the best one… I have been using two Pampered Chef PIE TINS!

Seriously.. the whole tin foil thing started because the pie tin (which because I do not bake- calories you know- have hardly ever been used BUT the non-stick surface is all pocked and broken- Pampered Chef quality is NOT what it used to be!) So because it is all pocked-up I decided to cover it with the tin foil. And VOILA! ICI! We realized.. wow how easy to clean is this!!??

Easy Peasy!

Easy Peasy! (Not the pie tins- but you get the idea!)

No more scrubbing- usually just a quick rinse is enough once we take the tin foil out and throw it away! THIS IS AWESOME! I mean really? Who loves to scrub pots and pans? Not us! This solution is awesome..

So how come no one told us about this before? You have been holding out on me!

Found this on the internet- uhm.. This might be a bit much... then again....

Found this on the internet- uhm.. This might be a bit much… then again….

Do you use tin foil when you make dinner? How do you use it? Any more secrets out there no one is telling me?

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Keep Holding On

OK- I am especially emotional these days… Just one of those times in life I guess…

But this morning, I am sitting here getting some work done with the TV babysitting me, and I look up and watch this commercial… and start CRYING! LOL (My family would say, “So, what’s the big deal, you cry at EVERYTHING!” LOL)

But I thought you all might enjoy this one too. On so many levels it is good stuff. On the healthy lifestyle front, on keeping going never quit front, on the you can do anything you put your mind and heart to front… so many ways! This is a good one.

I hope you enjoy!

Keep Holding On



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Snow Driving!

OK, OK- I know… we don’t even have a car! BUT it seems a couple times this winter we had a car to use to get out and about on a number of occasions.

Snow Day!

Snow Day!

It also seems those times it has been a “nice” snowy day! But who cares? I mean it’s Minneapolis for goodness sake… it snows. It’s winter!

But well you see- when you do not drive very often- driving in the snow can be an ordeal… actually maybe I should be more specific… RIDING in the snow can be quite an ordeal.

My Poor Guy! He is a very good driver. (Anyone else hearing Dustin Hoffman just there?) He actually drives regularly in the work car all over the Twin Cities. But when he is driving in the snow with me in the car (in a strange car that we don’t really know its “personality”)… I FREAK OUT! It’s hard to be quiet and just let my man drive. I get all… “Watch Out! Slow Down! Careful!” He hates it and I hate that I do it… but I can’t help myself… it totally freaks me out.

Now to be fair to me.. why do men insist on driving with only one hand- even in the bad snow? Why do they think it’s ok to only clear MOST of the window and none of the front hood- so snow is flying back up at the windshield the whole time? Why do they still think other people are being jerks so they shouldn’t have to worry how THEY act? Why do they think the speed limit is still the minimum? MEN! LOL

We have never been in an accident. And honestly we haven’t ever been close… but good Lord! I must be getting old or something because I cannot believe how jumpy I get when I am in the car with him. I drove myself this morning. It was slushy and icky and I was just fine. Not nervous at all. Careful. But not overly so as to be even worse than an aggressive driver! (I am a biker, walker and buser so I am especially aware of these modes of transportation when I am driving- especially in the city.)

Icky Snowy Day!

Icky Snowy Day!

Hmm maybe I should be the one to drive us from now on? LOL HA!

Well. I know I just need to stop being such a ‘fraidy cat! LOL When did I get this way is not important I suppose but… managing it is! LOL We still plan to try to go at least another year without a car- actually before we even consider getting one- so in the meantime we borrow or are loaned friend’s cars, and we are grateful for the blessing. I will just have to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Poor Guy!


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Under Construction

As you can see… Things look a little different right now. I am working on this when I have time- but I actually have a pretty big project (or three) for work that are taking up a lot of time… so please bear with me while I get it to where I really like it.



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